Who is Adelina?

If you are on this page you are probably interested to know a little bit more about what drives me. To save time, I can sum up my background in just one sentence: 

In 10 years I went from East European immigrant potato picker on a farm in Norfolk to Cambridge University Business School guest speaker.

How did I do it? 

Connection - I love speaking to people and connecting (with) them. 

I knew no one when I came to the UK at the age of 21 but I had a dream to live in a country I adore which feels like home, England. I am more proud of my British passport than of my Romanian one, because I feel more British than many of my British born friends.

When someone has a need, I find myself searching through my connections to find the right people for them, above all other tasks I have to do. 

Getting to the Heart of the Issue I have knack for asking incisive questions and getting very quickly to what is important. 

Even as a child I asked questions that made adults question themselves. Because of this, my parents encouraged me to become a lawyer. I studied law for 2 years when I realised it was too restrictive for me. I did a Master's Level qualification in English Law interpretation with the Chartered Institute of Linguists in London and worked as a contractor for the Police, Prison and Courts Services for 5 years.

This ability to ask the right questions enables me to help people get clarity very quickly about what they want and how to get there.

Focusing on a Personalised, Practical Path to Results - I focus on real life situations my clients will be in tomorrow, rather than abstract, imaginary situations.

To build my skills I attended loads of training courses, often bored out of my mind by dull slides and speakers whose teachings seemed to bear NO relation to the work reality I had to face the next day. From my own experience commissioning contracts, I knew what I wanted from a pitch, but this was not enough. I interviewed investors and people who were on the other side of the table in a pitching situation so I could find out exactly what clients' audiences would want.

I don't just teach people how to present to win a contract or investment, I teach them how to think from the perspective of the client/investor, then I pretend I am them and show them how their business looks like when I pitch it.

My Motto is "You help enough people get what they want and they'll help you get what you want" - Everything I do and teach is around win-win situations.

Via a chance encounter in the Norwich Forum Library I met a former Catholic nun who helped me get a job as a European IT Recruitment Consultant because I spoke 4 languages. In this role I worked with corporates such as Volkswagen, Swiss Bank of International Settlements, Jamba! (remember that irritating Crazy Frog ringtone in 2005? I placed the person who did that) and soon realised that in order to make a deal, everyone has to be satisfied, otherwise, it's not going to work or last.

When I work with clients I always tell them what I understood their problem is and ask them to correct me until I make sure I have understood it. Then I make sure I plan my delivery around their priorities. This is what I teach my clients pitching for contracts or investment as well.

I Give 100% Guaranteed - I believe in doing things right from the beginning.

When I was young, my mum always said to me "if you do something, do it thoroughly". This stayed with me, as it didn't mean I shouldn't try new things unless I can do them perfectly from the first go, but it meant that I should apply myself and commit to doing something thoroughly, no matter what that is.

I genuinely care about people's results when they work with me, because I know how frustrated I am when I work with a coach and I don't get the results I want. This is why I offer all my clients 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or their money back.

Because of my passion to connect people and see them succeed, I organise the Pitching for Feedback events. 

I organise the Pitching for Feedback events because I want startups to have the opportunity to pitch in a safe environment where they get honest feedback from professionals in their industry, their potential investors or clients which will help them succeed.

Clients include Cambridge Judge Business School, Agritech East, Cambridge Social Ventures, British Society for Plant Breeders, Cranfield University School of Engineering and School of Business, University of East Anglia Business School, London Metropolitan University Business School, McKesson, Pearson, National Institute of Agriculture and Botany, Equality and Human Rights Commission, NHS, Department of Health, Orbit Group.

If you see in any of my contacts someone you'd like to talk to, please contact me to discuss how I can help you connect with that person!

Email: adelina@presentinggoodpractice.co.uk or Mobile: 07932 08 88 21