"And ... What Do You Do?"

Make your answer to "And ... What Do You Do?" memorable to anyone, anytime, anywhere with the 4 techniques you will learn!

When asked "What do you do?", do you usually say a self-appointed title and your business name and expect people to understand what that means? 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if they immediately understood what you did and were able to tell others about you?

By the end of this session you will: 

  • Know how to explain what you do 
  • Know and remember your 60 seconds pitch
  • Feel clear and confident about it
What they say...

I won 3 contracts in the first 6 months of my business, one of with a big corporate. Adelina is a geek whisperer, she taught me how to speak about my highly technical business in a way that generated interest and opened up opportunities. All three contracts came out as a result of answering "What Do You Do."
Zizwani Mahango, Managing Director, Zeta Sevene