“I was very impressed by the things Adelina said in her workshop, and by her unique perspective on marketing - she definitely made me sit up and take notice and think about things from a different aspect.”
Amy Wheatherup, Cambridge Angels

“Adelina has a powerful and engaging approach to get you to think about what matters for your audience. Following her advice, we got 5 companies following up for more information on our farmers' platform from the REAP 2015 conference. At such an early stag in our development, it’s a hugely step for us and I’m personally grateful for all Adelina’s help along the way."
Gareth Davies, CEO, Yagro UK

"Adelina's technique on pitching for investment has helped me secure several millions of pounds for our business and in one year we have grown from zero to 15 employees and a 27,000 sqf factory in Cambridge, UK. The key to her training is that she pitched back to me my business and this gave me immediate, huge clarity on how I should pitch."
Jerome Joaug, Managing Director, Cambridge Nano Systems Ltd

"With Adelina's coaching how to pitch for investment we have secured £200,000 angel investment and £100,000 from the Big Venture Challenge."  
Fiona Nielsen, CEO, Repositive

"We secured $750,000 investment as a result of the pitch I worked on with Adelina! She helped me structure it in such a way that the audience would immediately get what we're about and why they should invest!" Arnon Shafir, CEO, Give2Gether

"Adelina helped us get huge clarity on what we were trying to achieve and who we were talking to. We 
smashed our sales targets in the first year and won £30,000 funding in 2013 and £50,000 in 2014!. Thank you for the insights!" 
Rachel Newell, Social Enterprise Manager, Winter Comfort

"It was a real delight to spend time with Adelina. Her support in the lead up to a pitch with a major corporate was so valuable. She highlighted the key priorities that I should focus on during my preparation and shared her experiences, positive and negative, of similar situations. This enabled me to feel confident, prepared and empowered! I left our meeting with tangible actions that I can replicate time after time. Thanks Adelina!"
Carla Brown, Corporate Fundraising Manager, Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT)

Her approach was energetic and enthusiastic, yet practical and relevant. I left our meeting with tangible actions that I can replicate time after time. Thanks Adelina!

"We won £5000 seed funding from the Technology Strategy Board and also won the best pitch at the Cambridge Judge Business School Start-up Weekend thanks to Adelina's pitching recipe. Adelina opened my eyes to how I can explain my very technical project to potential funders and it works every time!"
Daniela Krug, Founder & Managing Director, Building Intellect

"Adelina helped us shape our pitch to maximise impact and engagement with our target audience. She has a lot of passion and energy about what she does, and her techniques helped us present our key messages more effectively."
Matt McLaren, Co-Founder, Entomos

‘Adelina challenged the way I had been presenting for the past 20 years – it was new for me and although it felt uncomfortable at first, I now believe in the new approach and my first new style pitch went well with 3 major customers wanting to meet with us to discuss our service. Looking forward to my second pitch which will be even better than the first. Thank you Adelina’
Søren Bradbury, Director, iLevel Ltd

"Adelina opened my eyes to a completely new way of pitching. Our pitch was the best at the pitching competition. Numerous people commented afterwards how impressed they were by my pitch. I even had 3 investors coming afterwards to discuss opportunities and potential investment as my pitch had made an impact on them. "
Maxim Rossmann, CEO, Camonx

"The structure Adelina gave us in her very practical training session, helped our staff think about what the commissioner wants and they felt more confident when delivering their responses during the bid interview."
Alison Reid, Chief Executive Officer, Community Dental Services

“Adelina helped me rethink the structure of my presentation at REAP 2015. Both in defining the purpose of the talk to reflect what we wanted and in altering the structure to make sure we hit our potential, she was instrumental. We got 2 large companies interested in testing our app. This was an ideal result - just what we wanted."
Rob Carter, CEO and Co-Founder, Fieldmargin

"You don't realise how unclear your pitch is until you work with Adelina. She helped me identify exactly what to put in the pitch, how to structure and remember it without notes or memorisation. I pitched at a USAID event in Malawi and people told me I has the best of the 50 pitches! Working with Adelina saved me a lot of time and now I can pitch anytime and I don't even have to memorise it or use notes."
Alexandra Grigore, CTO, Simprints

"Adelina has a knack of quickly understanding your business and industry and showing you how to present it in a clear and succinct way. I won 3 contracts in the first 6 months of my business, one of with a big corporate. Adelina is a geek whisperer, she taught me how to speak about my highly technical business in a way that generated interest and opened up opportunities. All three contracts came out as a result of answering "What Do You Do."
Zizwani Mahango, Managing Director, Zeta Seven

"Adelina delivered a programme of training in "pitching for management" to a group of Colombian technology transfer officers, as part of our wider UK training programme. Adelina is a passionate and enthusiastic trainer and prepares meticulously for every session. The Colombians loved the training and there was a tangible improvement in their pitching technique by the end of the training. Not only that - Adelina delivered much of the training in Spanish - top job"
Brian Corbett,
 Associate - International Outreach Programme, Cambridge Enterprise Ltd, University of Cambridge

Adelina helped create my speech for a conference where I was looking for business partnership to develop our product. After my presentation, which stood out as very different than all the others, I had the companies I wanted coming to me and asking to take my project further! It was fantastic!"
Ella Kalnina, Managing Director, Alabrion

During the How to Win Contracts seminar, after finding out about my business for about 2 minutes, Adelina pitched my business, unrehearsed, better than I have ever done! That gave me huge insight into my own business and now I know how I can clearly present our company to future clients!
Paul Cook, Founder, Simply Consulting

"Adelina has encouraged us to think around the problems and obstacles that we have had to face, and view the services that we offer in a new way. As a result we have now secured the funding that we required. Adelina’s enthusiasm is infectious and she has been a pleasure to work with."
Joanne Webber, Manager, Buckingham & Sparrow Ltd

I have attended two of Adelina’s courses - business pitches and networking. In both cases the methodology was identical – practice, refine, practice, refine etc until the finished product was exponentially better than at the outset. Few courses I have attended have pursued their core targets with such focus and vigour, ensuring that the attendees came away with exactly what they had booked for. Adelina’s charm and enthusiasm is infectious, allowing her to give the candid feedback necessary to drive improvement. She is also diligent, professional and highly recommended.
Steven Godfrey, Auditel