What makes our service different for startups who want to secure investment?

Adelina Chalmers is partnering up with a Cambridge-based angel investor who offers exclusively to Adelina's clients feedback on their executive summaries and business strategy. 

Startups get an initial, short, free assessment of their executive summaries. 

Beyond the initial feedback, he personally works on their investment presentation package if the business shows great potential. 

The investor became a multimillionaire by the age of 28 after he started his own business after graduating from the Judge Business School, University of Cambridge. He grew his company from 0 to 25 employees within three years and exited after its successful acquisition.

There are a number of courses Adelina delivers for start-ups:

What they say...

"Adelina's technique on pitching for investment has helped me secure several millions of pounds for our business and in one year we have grown from zero to 15 employees and a 27,000 sqf factory in Cambridge, UK. The key to her training is that she pitched back to me my business and this gave me immediate, huge clarity on how I should pitch."
Jerome Joaug, Managing Director, Cambridge Nano Systems Ltd