Although I am not a corporate, I am personally very committed to giving back and I am passionate about seeing things happen, supporting good causes and helping individuals who deserve a chance! I am not only a proud member of Cambridgeshire Pro-Help, but I also help people and charities outside Pro-Help. 

I have done a lot of probono work for charities and various up-standing individuals, here are some of them talking about their work with me:
"Sky Badger is a charity that finds help and adventure for disabled children all over the UK.
Adelina recently helped us structure our charity's first big corporate partnership pitch. She allowed us to identify what the company's goals were and how we can anticipate responses to their requirements. She taught us how to plan our pitch, how to time it and most importantly how to listen. The meeting opened doors to another vital funding stream and gave us the professionalism to build on this relationship for years to come. Adelina really went above and beyond - she even prepped our CEO on Boxing day! Her enthusiasm for our charities work gave us the confidence to trust her in everything she directed us to do. Our trust was well founded and I cannot thank her enough. I encourage everyone reading this to engage her immediately. Adelina has allowed our charity to reach the next level of sustainability so we can help even more disabled children and their families."
Naomi Marek, Managing Director, Sky Badger to the Rescue

"I recently attended a heavily reduced funding training session run by Adelina. As a charity we would not have been able to afford specialist input from a consultant so were delighted to have access to this opportunity. Funding applications can be a real maize where you take your best guess at how the funder wants you to frame the information then keep your fingers crossed that they have understood it! Adelina's session took each part of the application apart and made sense of it. As well as helping me to understand the application and how it related to my specific project the workshop provided really valuable pointers for fundraising generally. As a result we got the funding and we will shortly be running an employment dance training programme for disabled aspiring dance professionals, developing their dance skills as well as their ability to support and lead workshops and choreograph performances themselves. We are so grateful to have had this opportunity and feel much more confident about producing strong bids in the future."
Suzie Birchwood, Artistic Director, Act One - ArtsBase

"Though her CSR work Adelina helps charities access high quality training only the private sector could afford! I attended a heavily discounted session on how to apply for funding that Adelina Chalmers delivered. I was amazed at how practical the session was and I left knowing exactly how to fill in the application for my specific project! She helped me really understand exactly what the funder was looking for and especially how draw on sources and statistics to evidence the value of my project. As a result of this training we were successful and gained £12,000 to help people with mental health issues get into employment. Adelina has a genuine passion for training and a real desire to help community groups and charities which really comes across. I would certainly recommend her as a trainer!"

Kate Newton, Fundraising and Development Manager CVS St Albans

Andy's Ark - Challenging Attitudes, Changing Lives - is a car repair garage which helps disabled young people become car mechanics.
“Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of people and companies that have promised to do things in support of the work we do, only to be let down or because they went from being something they were offering to do to help to something they wanted to be paid for. In most cases this meant it was for their gain only by the time it came to doing what they had offered to do.

Then I met Adelina, who always does what she says!

I met Adelina at a meeting of people that work with people less fortunate than ourselves, when her guest speaker had let her down and she asked me to step in. At this time I was touched be the way she did it, without expecting me to do this. Some years later our paths crossed again, this time Adelina wanted to help us, and this is when she made a difference because when she said she did not want to be “paid” to help. I was then waiting for the catch, but I’m still waiting!...  Adelina has written articles about us helping to raise our profile and has helped with completing a grant application. This type of help is very time consuming but Adelina did this all PROBONO. Her knowledge is immense when it comes to knowing what is needed and she fund raised £12,000 for us, which means now we can give 20 placements to disabled young people who want to become car mechanics! In this day and age of financial restraint, her work was invaluable to us! Thank you Adelina.”

Andy Kent FIMI FRSA, Managing Director, Andy's Ark

Andy's Ark

Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust was set up to preserve buildings in the Borough of Great Yarmouth which are of special beauty or historic or architectural interest. The Trust is setting up projects within which training is offered to young or disadvantaged people in specialist conservation building skills. Such skills are much needed in Great Yarmouth where there is a chronic lack of qualified builders to work on the large of number of historic and listed buildings to be found there. The project is innovative as it addresses specialist skills shortages and unemployment in the area, whilst creating a local resource for building conservation in the area.

"Many thanks to Adelina for helping me to complete a funding application which was successful thanks to her expert advice. This was very kindly offered for free because Adelina considered that the project for which I was seeking funding was a worthwhile and interesting training scheme for unemployed people, and this is a typical example of her commitment to socially responsible activity. I have known Adelina for many years now and have a huge amount of respect for her ability to understand what can be achieved and her enthusiasm for setting about making it happen. Congratulations Adelina on all the successes you have contributed to."
Bridget Heriz-Smith, Finance Officer, Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust

Willow Tree Garden is  an accessible horticultural project aiming to provide post-college youngsters with disabilities with a supportive and practical venue to visit on a regular basis. 
"When I was going into a presentation about the garden I contacted Adelina by telephone and received a fantastic level of support and encouragement. It was lovely to chat to someone who knew what I was feeling and Adelina helped me to feel confident and able to voice my commitment to the project on my interview the next day. She helped me so much with the "feel good factor" which allowed me to blossom and show what is in my heart. Sometimes it is easy to get bogged down in technicalities and "correctness". Just say what is right for you and you will be fine, dont try and be anything you are not. Have courage and you will be fine. Thank you Adelina!"
Clare Winter, Project Manager, Willow Tree Garden