Presenting without Notes or Memorisation

Do you worry about forgetting your words when presenting? Hate using notes?

Leave from this session having learnt how to present without notes or memorising anything! I'll teach you a technique that works with the natural thinking processes in your brain.

During the session you will learn:
  • How to decide on the right information 
  • How to structure it so you won't have to memorise it
  • Rhetorical tools and how to emphasize key points 
  • Getting the audience to take the action you want

"I learnt a new way of presenting where you don't have to keep notes and memorise everything as it naturally sticks to your brain. I presented at a national conference and the organisers said they wanted me to come back and speak at some of their bigger conferences in the future as they really liked my speech."
Rob King, CEO, Outspoken Delivery