Presenting to Non Technical Audiences

Transform Any Presentation into an Exceptional Speech your Audiences will Love!

Do you have to give presentations but dread them every time? Do you feel your information is abstract but there's nothing you can do about it but bore the audience?

By the end of the session you will:
- Feel confident & excited about giving a presentation
- Know how to transform abstract information into an exciting presentation
- Know how to convey complex information with clarity

During the session you will:
- See the trainer presenting to you, your abstract presentation
- Practise recipes for 5-10 min presentations
- Learn how to make any abstract presentation exciting.

What they say...
"Before the training I was wondering if this was going to be yet another session where I learn nothing practical or relevant to my work, but Adelina's session was 20% theory and 80% practise on actual presentations I have to deliver, and now I know how the theory practically applies to all my future presentations." 
David Jones-Stanley, Workforce Solutions Operation Manager, McKesson UK

" I noticed immediate visible interest in the audience of around 80 people, I got the first clap of the day, and best of all two people emailed me afterwards - one to say the presentation was 'excellent' and the other to say it was 'easily the best presentation of the day. 6 months later I got an email from a member of the audience suggesting our project should apply for a European Award. She said she remembered the presentation as it had been "so inspiring"".

Mark Webb, Development Manager, Travel for Work