How to Present to Secure a Grant

Your research is doing well, but you really need to win grant funding to continue.

Do you dread the moment you will have to give your presentation? 

What are you going to say if your results are inconclusive? 

How are you going to convince them to fund you?

Come to this session if you want to:
  • Leave with a presentation to win a specific grant
  • Feel confident about delivering your presentation 
  • Feel confident you'll know how to answer the interviewers' questions

What they say...

"We won £5000 seed funding from the Technology Strategy Board and also won the best pitch at the Cambridge Judge Business School Start-up Weekend thanks to Adelina's pitching recipe. Adelina opened my eyes to how I can explain my very technical project to potential funders and it works every time!"
Daniela Krug, Founder & Managing Director of Building Intellect, Cambridge University Entrepreneurs