How to Pitch for Investment?  

Come to this session and leave with a clear plan and structure for your pitch.

Do you have a fantastic business idea but need investment to grow it bigger and better? 

What are you going to say?

During the training you will ...
  • Learn the recipe for pitching for investment
  • Understand what angel investors want 
  • Feel confident about delivering 
  • Know how to answer investors' questions 
  • Create your 10 min pitch 
  • Learn how to talk about your business
  • Practise numerous times and get feedback
What they say ...

"Adelina's technique on pitching for investment has helped me secure several millions of pounds for our business and in one year we have grown from zero to 15 employees and a 27,000 sqf factory in Cambridge, UK. The key to her training is that she pitched back to me my business and this gave me immediate, huge clarity on how I should pitch."
Jerome Joaug, Managing Director, Cambridge Nano Systems Ltd

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