How to Pitch to Win a Contract

Leave with a drafted pitch for an upcoming contract

Your business is doing well, but you really need this new contract to grow...

How will you pitch your busines
s in a way that differentiates you from other businesses?
What are you going to say? 

Come to this session if you want to:
  • Leave with a pitch to win a specific contract
  • Feel confident about delivering your pitch 
  • Feel confident you'll know how to answer the interviewers' questions

During this session you will:
  • Learn the recipe for pitching for contracts
  • Learn what questions the commissioners will ask you
  • Practise numerous times, get feedback and adjust your pitch.

What they say ...
"Adelina gave me a spontaneous demonstration of how my pitch could sound and I immediately understood how to make the theory turn into practice! I won the contract with Morrison Utility Services and now I feel so much more confident about pitching for contracts! I can heartily recommend Adelina to anyone who is pitching for business, large or small."  
Simon Wheeler, Founder, Provoke Me