How to Present Your Research when You Have Unwanted Results

Leave feeling confident about presenting your research even when the results are not what sponsors wanted

Are you worried about presenting your research findings when you know the results you got are not what the sponsors were hoping for?

Does this keep you up at night, worrying about their reaction?

Come to this session and leave:
  • Knowing how to present your results in a way that will make your sponsors feel grateful despite your findings not being what they expected
  • Knowing how to use this as an opportunity to secure more funding
  • With your presentation content and structure finished
"Adelina showed me a completely new way how I could present the results I was worried about. I presented these to the sponsors, had a positive response from them and now we're even looking at getting more funding! I now feel more confident about presenting my research regardless of the results!"
S.M, Post Doc Research Associate, Cambridge University