"Give us an Update" - How to Make a Presentation When Put on the Spot?

You are asked to give a five minutes "update" on your project, although no one asked you to prepare a presentation.

How are you going to deliver a coherent presentation on the spot?

How will you be able to organise your thoughts and not sound like you are lost?

By the end of this session you will know:
  • Two techniques how to deal with impromptu speeches
  • How to organise information in your head as you speak
  • How to always have a superbly fluent and coherent speech

What they say...
What surprised me was that the training on how to give impromptu speeches helped me structure even future conversations with other people, so now I am more focussed when I talk to someone and know what I want to get out of any future conversation."
Diana Pirjol, External Consultant, World Bank