How to Make a Group Presentation

Your students have to deliver a group presentation, part of the summer school or part of the course final assessment

By the end of this course they will have:
  • Identified the content of the presentation
  • Established who is presenting what and when
  • Structured the presentation
  • Practised the group presentation and received feedback

What they say ...

"Our international students came from a background where public speaking is not a common skill. The impact on the students' group delivery was impressive. Even when put on the spot for 1 min presentations on camera they were very confident. Their final group presentations were extremely good and indeed were the highlight of this conference." Dr Athanasios Kolios, Lecturer, Cranfield University

"Adelina's course was inspiring and energised the whole room. Students found it not only an exciting experience but also a tangible and practical one that gave them real tools to make compelling group presentations. This is because Adelina's sessions are customised and adjusted to the specific needs of the attendees."

Dr Josephine Kinge, Lecturer, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia