How to Give Constructive Feedback?

The feedback you give your staff or colleagues can make a huge difference on their motivation and change of behaviour.

This training is for people who regularly interact with colleagues, give them feedback or have to carry out appraisals. 

By the end of this training you will know how to:
  • appeal to different parts of the brain to achieve a change in behaviour
  • identify the right content for your feedback
  • structure your feedback
  • give feedback in a way that motivates and changes colleagues'¬†behaviour.
"Adelina's techniques on giving feedback transformed the way the  scientists gave feedback not only to us but also to their own teams. Subsequently their feedback was much more constructive and enabled them to work much better together. It is incredible how such simple techniques can make all the difference!"
Brian Corbett, International Outreach Programme, Cambridge Enterprise, University of Cambridge

All exercises and practical examples you work on during the workshop will have been designed in response to the specific situations you have to go through at work.