How to Articulate a Complex Business Proposition?

If this is you:
  • "I can't clearly articulate my business proposition in small, short sentences because my product/service is too complex"  OR
  • "I am unable to be succinct and put across to my prospects why it's important or why they should work with me, my business is very complicated" 
then this coaching programme is for you!

By the end of the coaching programme you will have:
  • clarity on your own business and who you should be talking to
  • specific description of what problems you solve and for whom (you can use this in your future marketing: website, Twitter, bloggs, etc)
  • clearly laid out the solutions you offer and why these are perfect for your ideal clients.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back!

"Adelina has helped me to clearly articulate my business proposition, and why people should buy from me. Before, I couldn't articulate this unless I had huge amount of time, because I felt my product was too complex. What makes Adelina different is that she doesn't just ask you the right questions, she pretends she is you, she describes your business from the standpoint of your clients - this gave me huge insight into my own offering and how this is perceived by potential clients. She's given me the confidence to know I am making sense when I talk to people about what I can do for them and why I am the best person, without being salesy! This has been immensely valuable to my business."
Katherine Wiid, CEO, Recrion