How to Answer Difficult Questions from the Audience

You've just delivered your research presentation...

Are you scared about how you will deal with the difficult questions you could be faced with?

How will you answer difficult, challenging questions from industry or your viva panel whilst reinforcing the value of your research?

By the end of the session you will know:
  • How to respond successfully to challenging questions
  • How to reinforce your message when answering any question
  • How to deal with hostile questions
  • How to turn around negative questions

What they say ...

"I really feel a lot happier and more confident now about public speaking. Adelina pointed out how I could improve by making very small changes - I really loved the personalised feedback she gave to each attendee. I admired the way she created very quickly a ‘safe environment’ that we all needed. I was simply amazed at the huge improvement achieved by each attendee during only a 1.5h session! I definitely feel capable, inspired and less terrified than I did before about public speaking! Thank you for the enlightenment."
Frances Bycroft, Programme Manager, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge