What they say ...

I love getting feedback from our attendees, it is vital to the way I operate. After each training session I examine all the feedback, analyse it and use it to improve future training sessions and handouts. 

"Adelina trained the participants in the Start-Up Showcase for our last REAP Conference as well as the 2015/16 GROW Agri-Tech Business Plan Competition. What's unique about her training is that she pitches back to our attendees their pitch so they can see what it would look like with her techniques. Very impressive!".
Belinda Clarke, CEO, Agritech East

"The course was very enjoyable indeed and allowed me to completely re-think how to deliver my message. Since the course I've had opportunity to use the techniques Adelina proposes to great effect at a regional conference. I noticed visible interest in the audience of around 80 people, I got the first clap of the day, and best of all two people emailed me afterwards - one to say the presentation was 'excellent' and the other to say it was 'easily the best presentation of the day. What was simply astonishing was that 6 months after my presentation I got an email from a member of the audience suggesting our project should apply for a European Award. She said she remembered the presentation as it had been "so inspiring"".
Mark Webb, Development Manager, Cambridgeshire County Council 

“Due to the complexity of our offering, we were having problems putting the message across to our potential clients. Adelina was fantastic at helping me to identify what key points of our corporate message were important and which ones were superfluous and caused a loss of quality of the overall message. Now we have a straight to the point, easy and highly marketable message to deliver to any of our potential customers.”
Gonçalo de Vasconcelos, Founder & Managing Director, Syndicate Room

“Adelina has encouraged us to think around the problems and obstacles that we have had to face, and view the services that we offer in a new way. As a result we have now secured the funding that we required. Adelina’s enthusiasm is infectious and she has been a pleasure to work with”. 
Joanne Webber, Maffit Construction Ltd

"I now feel far more confident and less apologetic when asked to talk about my business. Since the course I have won numerous contracts and now my business has increased exponentially comparing to this time last year. I am thrilled."
Kate Bavester, Founder of Bavester Associates - Strategic Planning, Project Management and Stakeholder Management

"Adelina's training was very focussed and systematically worked through all of the specific issues I raised in the interview before the session. Before the training I was wondering if this was going to be yet another session where I learn nothing practical or relevant to my work, but Adelina's session was 20% theory and 80% practise on actual presentations I have to deliver, and now I know how the theory practically applies to all my future presentations."
David Jones-Stanley, Workforce Solutions Operation Manager, McKesson UK

"I now have more work in my diary for the first quarter of 2014 than I had this time last year, and this is in no small part due to having attended Adelina's workshop. Adelina delivers the most energetic presentation skills training I have ever come across! It's 20% telling and 80% doing, which is brilliant for someone like me who learns by doing, rather than by listening. You can't learn how to talk about your business more effectively by sitting in a classroom, you have to 'do' and receive feedback, 'do' and receive feedback as many times as possible, and Adelina delivers this with panache, patience and positivity. Thoroughly recommended."
Graham Frost, Customer Service and Employee Engagement Specialist

"This was one of the most valuable and important days of training I have ever been a part of - such a simple concept, yet superbly executed and delivered with Adelina's unique passion, enthusiasm and contagious excitement. Not only did I learn how to present my business in a dynamic, engaging and unique way that would ensure I am remembered - but I also met 7 other people all of whom had fantastic businesses that I would not hesitate to recommend. So my skills have grown, and so has my network of contacts. Thank you Adelina."
Simon Wheeler, Owner at Provoke Me

"Adelina helped us flesh out who our ideal client is, this really helped us focus on what value we are providing and to whom. The pitching practise exercises really took me out of my comfort zone, but they were extremely useful! I now know how to start conversations with total stranger, a skill which I was not particularly good at. By the end of the session, I felt more confident about talking to people about our business and the practise trade show conversations went very well."
Varun Chatterji, Funder and Investor, Sent.ly
"Working with Adelina has given our whole team much more confidence in our ability to present our work effectively. Not long after our training day with Adelina, myself and a junior member of my team delivered an award winning four minute pitch at the Homeless Link national conference. The delegates were asked to vote on who should win the £5000 prize and we won! Many many thanks to Adelina."
Kirsten Lavers, Creative Director, FLACK Cambridge

"I've had the pleasure of being coached by Adelina on two different occasions and found her style of connecting and coaching people extremely inspiring. Her personality stands her apart from other coaches. She is funny, respectful, inclusive, and approachable. You know you can trust her because she is really passionate about her work. Impressive."
Rita Mascia, CF APMP, Director, Apostrofly Limited

"Adelina's training was very energising. It helped me focus on identifying my ideal clients and transmitting what I love doing. This has resulted in a significant increase in clients and enquiries."
Dr. Elena Lasterra, Independent IP Consultant & European Patent Attorney

"I attended Adelina's pitching training session. Before the training, I didn't know how to start explaining what I do. I would start with my job title, expecting people to fully understand what I do. During the session Adelina gave me a tried-and-tested formula. Putting it into practice at the session gave me immediate clarity on how prospective clients perceive my business and how to engage those clients quickly. The effect on the audience at the session was immediate - and I came away with a lead. I left the session wanting to ring around everyone I know to find my next speaking opportunity. There's no stopping me now."
Lou Shackleton, Director of Opportunities, The You Can Hub

"I worked with Adelina to help me prepare to pitch to investors. Adelina immediately helped me understand how I should explain my very technical business in such a way that anyone could become a potential client or investor! She helped me identify what information was crucial for me to have in my pitch, what investors would be interested in and how to structure it in an exciting and engaging way. I pitched my company at an international pitching competition and I got 12 investors interested! Moreover, the media came to me and said I had delivered the best pitch at the competition! I used to find pitching really exhausting and now I actually love pitching and talking to others about my business! The success we have had since has been unbelievable."
JJ, Co-founder & Managing Director, CNS Ltd

"After a fantastic session with Adelina, I now have techniques at my fingertips for getting the most out of networking events. In particular, I now know how best to handle the “And what do you do?” question and ensure that I get my message across in a memorable way."
Claire Lucas, Coordinator, Cambridge AWiSE

"I attended training delivered by Adelina on a subject I previously considered dull at best. She bought an amazing level of enthusiasm to the subject, connecting me to it through practical, work related exercises which have benefited me ever since. Her impact was so impressive that I recognised her name when I joined linkedin three years later. Since connecting, Adelina has offered me advice and direction on a current project with no expectation of a personal benefit, just a genuine interest and passion for projects which benefit those in need."
Gemma Cox, Broadland Council

"Adelina delivered pitching training for our Cambridge University students starting social enterprises. She was exceptionally engaging with the students and kept them entertained throughout. She got them to practise the techniques taught during the session so they can see how these apply to their own business ideas and situations. They all received individual constructive feedback on their performance which helped them perfect their pitches. The students' performance improved visibly by the end of the session and they all left enthusiastic about pitching their social enterprises in the future! We had very good feedback after the session from the students who attended, some even said they left inspired to develop their business ideas."
Sebastian Röing, Beyond Profit, Cambridge University

"This is a rather unique course, quite unlike any other 'presentation skills courses' I have attended. Helps you to look at presenting in innovative and very effective ways, and Adelina herself is so dynamic and positive. Highly recommended."
Anne-Marie Diaper, Public Health Development Manager, Department of Health

"Thanks a million again for today Adelina - you are a miracle-worker and an inspiration! I knew it would be good, but this was life-changing and just exactly what I needed at this point in my life! I never thought I would ever feel excited at the prospect of giving a talk! I now know exactly what my business pitch is, how my clients would see my business and I feel very confident and excited about delivering it, when before I felt terrified at the simple thought of presenting."
Linda Anderson, Director, Tap Into Your Success

“The business pitching course was particularly helpful as it taught me how to sell my services to customers more effectively. Adelina gave me in-depth feedback on my pitch and helped me learn how to personalise it and focus on the benefits that I am bringing to my customers, rather than just the services I offer, helping me connect with clients more effectively. What’s even more impressive is that because during the pitching training we all kept pitching to each other (the audience), I got a new client from the pitching training session! I would highly recommend Adelina’s services – in a single training session she helped me learn how to deliver a sales pitch with more impact, become confident about pitching and get a new client - all with not a single dull moment throughout the session. Your business needs this woman.”
Jelena Aleksic, Founder of Science Writing & Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Cambridge

"Adelina is always such fun, she creates energy and working with her is a fantastic experience. We talked through my presentation, which she adapted and immediately did an impromptu speech of my presentation back to me. Adelina quickly turned my detailed and dull delivery into a punchy and interesting presentation in the style of story telling in a professional way. I could see how adapting the style of the language to fit the subject and my personality is so important. With Adelina showing me how to do this, it made a complete difference to my presentation the next day. Everyone commented on how inspiring my talk was, and I got booked to do the same talk to another group later in the month. Adelina's presentation skills are highly recommended for anyone who has to make a speech or give a talk."
Audrie Reed, Director, Beautiful Memories

"How amazing to get practical, unforgettable and tangible training on the day!!!! The tools and instant feedback received from Adelina was so clearly demonstrated and memorable. (I can still recall and visualise the skills learnt on that day now although the training was 2 month ago!). Adelina totally de-mystified all what I had been led to believe Presentations entailed and more besides. Thank you so much for empowering me and giving me the utmost confidence that 'even I' can do this well' with practice."
Eleanor September, Chelmsford

"Adelina, is just incredible! Many of us know what we do and are excited about what we do. How do we pass that enthusiasm onto our potential clients? How do we explain quickly and in an interesting way what is so great about what we do? Have you ever been asked what you do and then given a quick elevator pitch, only to be met with a glazed look from the enquirer? I have. Not anymore! Since Adelina's taster session, I now have the tools to give an adequate, "sweeping statement", leaving the enquirer wanting and asking more of me, "how do you do that?", "what is the outcome?". Never again will I be met with a glazed look when I explain what my business does. This is revolutionary thinking. In addition to Adelina providing great tools, she brings a positive energy to a group setting. Within very little time Adelina has everyone on the same page, no matter where that individual might be within their life. During Adelina's session everyone was concentrating on Adelina, what she was saying and then helping us all support each other. Just incredible. Adelina in my book - you're awesome!! As for my connections, I cannot recommend Adelina enough. If you have an opportunity to take part in one of Adelina's master classes or workshops, don't pass it by, cease the moment. You'll be glad you did. I am."
Amanda Carlin, Director at AmandaCarlin.co.uk Ltd, Founder of Get2Business & Fenland Women of Achievement

“I loved Adelina’s “My First Pitch” Workshop, she is magnetic! I have practised the elevator speech for some time, but froze when I spoke in public. My fear has driven my past talks with rushed delivery and weak content. Adelina enabled me to find my voice with meaningful content; she extracted good from the fear which gave me confidence to talk to an audience. What simply astounded me was that simply by practising my pitch to an audience during the training I got 2 new leads for my business - Incredible! If you want to learn in a safe environment where you can conquer your fear of public speaking, strengthen your content and find your voice, Adelina is your person."
Lorraine Lorimer, Director, ChangeParenting

"Adelina is great to work with. She’s very approachable and organised and she crafts her training to be accessible to people at all levels. Our delegates said they really appreciated the confidence boost and practical tips provided."
Frances Bycroft, Programme Manager, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL)

"Adelina is an exceptional trainer and is obviously driven by a very real passion for her chosen vocation of public speaking.
To participate in one of Adelina's classes is to feel ones fear of speaking before an audience quickly dispelled by a combination of her infectious enthusiasm for her subject and the comfortable learning environment which she creates for her students from the moment they enter the room. By the end of my first training session, my feelings of apprehension at the very idea of public speaking had been replaced by a feeling of anticipation and excitement at the thought of delivering my ideas to my audience and that was exactly transformation that I had been looking for but was unsure whether I would ever find. Thank you Adelina."

Keith Alexander, Senior RF Design Engineer, Cambridge RF Systems Ltd

"Adelina immendiately created a safe and relaxed atmosphere where I felt comfortable to give a presentation in front of 9 other people I had never met before. During the training Adelina gave me feedback on my individual performance and my presentation style which helped me improve not only the way I present but also the way I structure answers in any type of communication. What surprised me was that the training on how to give impromptu speeches helped me structure even future conversations with other people, so now I am more focussed when I talk to someone and know what I want to get out of any future conversation."
Diana Pirjol, External Consultant, World Bank

“Adelina is always full of energy, creativity and most of all fun. I attended a session of 'Impromptu speaking' by Adelina. We learned tools that can transform our technical speech, that can be dull to others to something more relevant and interesting to the general public. It prompts me to restructure my presentation skills, especially how to engage the audience. The feedback during practical session was very useful and critical but very well received. Thank you Adelina."
Man Yi Ho, Postdoctoral Research Associate at Engineering Department, University of Cambridge

"The first time I met Adelina through CUTEC, I was amazed by her pitching skills. As I am an introvert by nature, pitching and networking just drain my energy. However, after only working with Adelina a couple of times, I feel much more comfortable talking about my business and netwoking. By understanding the mechanisms of human communication, it takes much less effort to convince my interlocutors and to express ideas. I nearly feel more extroverted! I used to find pitching really exhausting and now I actually love pitching and talking to others about my business! I have now gained an invaluable skill for life: the ability of deliver presentations that inspire and that people remember years later."
JJ, Co-founder & Managing Director, CNS Ltd

"Meeting David of NIAB and one of his associates, Adelina Chalmers of Presenting Good Practice, started me thinking about my business offering in a different light. Even after an hour of their coaching and pre-workshop training, I have started adjusting how I communicate with my target audience. They are lovely people offering superb opportunities for small business owners to develop and grow their businesses. I particularly like how well they listen and aim to provide a bespoke service. There is no pigeonholing, just an open approach to helping SMEs flourish. It’s refreshing."
Tracy Wilkinson, Big Chief at Little Crowds

"Adelina's training on how to pitch your business made me see how important it is to put myself in the shoes of those who listen to me, which also very naturally brought my attention to very important points. Why should they care? What does this have to do with them? I am confident and I will feel more comfortable about the next presentation I will have to prepare because I am now more aware of what engages an audience. Furthermore, the personalised feedback we received made me realise that I sound more confident than I feel and that public speaking can actually be lots of fun. My attitude has definitely changed as I am now very much looking forward to the next opportunity where I can apply what I have learnt. Thank you Adelina."
Sara Serradas Duarte, Neuroscience PhD Candidate, Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, University of Cambridge

"I thoroughly enjoyed both the workshops on 'Impromptu speeches' and 'Your First Pitch'! The atmosphere created by Adelina was dynamic and light hearted (note, not relaxed as you get to do WORK!), her great sense of humour and amazingly positive attitude just easily rubbed on to the attendees and made the environment very 'safe' and energetic. Not only were her secret recipes useful but her individual feedback to each attendees also made self-reflection a great tool to realise one's weakness and made me realise that I am not necessary saying what I wanted people to remember! The fact that after merely 3hours of training I have removed my life-long fear of standing up in front of people and talk about anything is quite remarkable! I feel I am a lot more confident now and somehow believe it is possible to make public speaking (if I dare say it) FUN or at least less daunting. Will definitely go back to Adelina for support with my next important presentation as I am tired with my old style dull presentation and want memorable & lively ones for the future."
Loraine Tung, Research Associate, IMS-MRL, University of Cambridge

"Adelina delivered a pitching training for us where half the audience were our students and half were local business owners. Adelina has unique ways of creating a ‘safe’ environment for those attending her training sessions. The friendly and non-threatening atmosphere puts people at their ease straight away, enabling them to find new potential in themselves. One of the key strengths of Adelina’s practical sessions is that each person receives individually tailored attention and feedback. We were delighted that by mixing in the session both business owners as well as students who have ideas for businesses, one of the students got her first client! Overall, Adelina’s passion, enthusiasm and commitment to help people achieve their best in a pitching or public speaking situation is exceptional."
Shima Barakat, Research and Teaching Fellow, CfEL, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

"It was really wonderful participating in Adelina Chalmers' 'Your First Pitch' workshop. I felt the workshop was full of Adelina's energy and charm! Her enthusiasm is catchy and I felt it transferred to me when I delivered my own pitch. The individual feedback she gave during the training boosted my confidence. She is a very lively, energetic and positive person! Her time management skills are astonishing, as she managed to give personalised feedback to each and every person at the workshop within a very limited amount of time. I am sure everybody in the workshop felt less scared after Adelina's encouragement and feedback! I thoroughly recommend Adelina, if anybody has to deliver a presentation or a speech to any audience."
Deepthy Francis. Research Assistant, University of Cambridge.

"Exciting, Engaging, and Excellent, and that was just the speaker! Adelina's presentation workshop was thought provoking, helpful and insightful, she has changed the way that I will be presenting to groups and individuals. Adelina's training enables you to break out of your comfort zone and practise your presentation skills in front of others before taking it mainstream. I found her techniques to be easy and enjoyable and I thoroughly recommend her presentation training to anyone."
David Banfro, Trustee, Ethnic Minority Association Waltham Cross

“The course made me see giving a presentation in a whole new light. I saw the errors of Powerpoint and of spouting lots of facts and figures, and thought of how my own attention tends to drift when I listen to such presentations. I realised that the most inspirational speakers I had listened to used the same methods as Adelina. Since the course I have done two presentations and had very positive feedback. Not only that, but I’ve actually enjoyed doing them; something that never happened before. I think this is because the pressure of remembering ‘dry’ facts was taken away, and I could speak from the heart.”
Lindsey Read, Director, CARA (Centre for Action on Rape and Abuse)

“I attended a Presentation Skills training session facilitated by Adelina. It wasn’t my first but it certainly was the best and most entertaining! It made me re-think how I put together my presentations as well as my body language during delivery. I recently presented on leadership to a group of pharmacists and made particular use of the ‘story-telling’ techniques to good effect. I have also commissioned Adelina to provide this training to the LPC committee members in order to improve their confidence when presenting – the feedback was excellent. I can commend her to anyone looking to improve their presentation skills.”
Lisa Olins MRPharmS, Executive Officer, Hertfordshire Local Pharmaceutical Committee

"Adelina provided a safe and focused environment in which to develop and practice new skills. Her workshop was highly interactive and engaging. Adelina delivered directly to my specific needs and provided me with a sound foundation on which to deliver future presentations with passion and personality."
Kerry Jones, Faculty Dean, Heart on England Foundation Trust

"I have been overwhelmed by the insurmountable learning that has occurred through today. This has ranged from the perils of PowerPoint to learning how to structure and deliver clear messages with passion, tenacity and integrity. I’d like to take this opportunity to really thank Adelina for providing me with the confidence and skills to deliver to wards, boards corporate and hopefully beyond! Thanks Adelina!"
Dr Lisa Bayliss-Pratt, Director of Nursing at Health Education England

"I went to a conference about hate crime and one of the speakers really stood out. I later found out she had been trained how to give presentations by Adelina Chalmers. I knew Adelina’s reputation as a great trainer so I was delighted when she agreed to design and deliver LGB&T related Hate Crime training on behalf of our organisation. It wasn't your usual run-of-the-mill training, it was interactive and thought provoking. She really transformed what could have been a depressing subject into something very engaging and entertaining. All the attendees left buzzing that day! I can’t say I have ever seen a trainer fake punch themselves either!"Kelly Weston, Suffolk LGBT Network

"For me, the training day was very useful because it demonstrated to me, that engaging with the audience is profoundly important if one is to be an effective speaker. The interactive and pacey session showed me that 'engaging the audience' requires us to move beyond simply conveying a message (the content of one's presentation).....by leveraging effort, thought and energy into the way we convey our message. The session allowed me to appreciate that style, confidence and 'psychological engagement' with our topic and audience is integral to success".
Aidan McKearney, Senior Lecturer at Management and Professional Development Department, London Metropolitan University

“Adelina's presentation was fascinating and extremely helpful - we learned how to think of our businesses from the customer's point of view; how to describe it so that it made sense to others, not just to us! Adelina was a quick thinker and put our ideas into words that sounded straight away like a fantastic promotion for what we do. This was for more than one person/role/job description/sector, well, for everyone! Very impressive. Charming and friendly too!"
Lorena Hodgson, FRSA, Arts and Crafts Professional Development - Red Barn Crafts

"Adelina is very engaging and an expert on the topic of pitching social enterprise start-ups to potential funders. Our course participants were able to visibly improve their 2-5 minute pitches with Adelina's guidance and assistance in a 1.5h session, and the seminar was very enjoyable and inspiring to them due to Adelina's creative approach and wide-ranging knowledge on existing companies and their marketing strategies."
Laura Weidinger, Beyond Profit, University of Cambridge

“Although I have been presenting for many years, this course gave me a fresh perspective. I felt my skills were updated. I felt empowered. I love Adelina’s enthusiasm and affirmations. She focussed on the positive. I felt very special and the course made me feel as if I could conquer the world. I like the idea that presentations can be so effective by being simple. Thank you, Adelina for a most productive day.”
Ruth Barnett, Equality and Human Rights Commission
"I recently attended one of Adelina’s workshops on public speaking. What felt to be a daunting task prior to this workshop, soon became a much more feasible exercise during the session, thanks to Adelina’s warm welcome, charming approach and professional expertise. Adelina makes her class attendees feel at ease and creates an environment where people can safely practise public speaking without fear of being critically judged or challenged. Helpful tips and personalised feedback during the session, highlighting the positives about my previous presentation, together with suggestions on how to tweak it for the subsequent try, has enabled me to improve my presentation skills significantly, even in only one session. I look forward to continuing my participation in future classes to build on the progress I made so far."
Maria Borg

"An enjoyable and very informative day delivered with knowledge and enthusiasm and in a supportive and encouraging environment. Adelina can cure death by PowerPoint!"
Dr Alison Greig, PhD, Director of Education for Sustainable Development, Anglia Ruskin University

"I found the training both informative and enjoyable and was able to put what I had learnt into use immediately and to good effect."
Simon How, Senior Public Health Programme Manager, Department of Health

"Having attended Adelina's presentation training, I have amended the way I deliver my training and I am now receiving an average score of 9 & 10 out of 10 on my course feedback forms. I found this course informative, fun and confidence building and would definitely recommend it to anyone in a position where communication plays a big part of their role."
Victoria Palumbo, Hertfordshire Society For The Blind

"Thank you Adelina, I found your approach to presentation training refreshing and enjoyable. I have put many of your helpful tips into action already and now look forward to ‘telling the story’ through my presentations rather than the usual ‘death by power point' ".
Ian Richardson, Chief Officer - CVS for Broxbourne and East Herts

"The training took a very different approach to understanding what makes a good presentation. Adelina’s enthusiastic and energetic understanding of presentations encouraged me to think differently about what elements need to be included to make a memorable presentation. I will certainly use the training to create presentations that have more impact."
Fay Turner, Service Manger, CVS Broxbourne & East Herts

"Adelina Chalmers' delivery of presentation skills was a wonderful example of learning by example, we were entertained from start to finish. We were given stimulating and creative ideas to give our presentations sticking power. I would thoroughly recommend this training day to anyone who wants to avoid killing people with PowerPoint."
Tracey Burke, CEO, Watford Women's Centre
"The course was a real breath of fresh air, dealing with a subject in a new and exciting way. Many thanks Adelina."
Helen Petitdemange, Business Development Manager, Orbit Group

"A refreshing and engaging course which did a great deal to allay my fears of public speaking. Highly recommended!"
Mark Bullock, Coordinator for East Anglia Foundation School, NHS Midlands and East

“Adelina is the most wonderful person. Her training is a reflection of her personality. It was extremely well organised, entertaining from the beginning till the end and…full of surprises! I have learnt so much and I am sure I will be able to implement many of the "lessons learnt". The training will help me to become a more confident speaker. Being with Adelina is a bit like watching a movie – you have to come and see it!”
Michal Siewniak, Community Development Officer, CVS for Broxbourne & East Herts

“I found the course thought provoking and stimulating. The day has given me some great ideas about structuring my presentations to make sure my message is heard!”
Jonathan Hill, Hadnet

"The trainer was very good at delivering information and gaining the delegates trust and confidence. I certainly have benefited from this course and would not feel uncomfortable in giving a presentation at any time required."
Lynn Morgan, NHS Midlands and East

"I very much enjoyed your training and I will have no hesitation in recommending it in the future to anyone. I have attended number of presentation training in my life, but you just 'told the story as it is'. Thank you!"
Hemant Mistry, Equality and Diversity Consultant
"Thank you Adelina for a very refreshing way to develop confidence in public speaking, the whole day was very enjoyable, and I have certainly developed new skills."Amanda Hawkins, Assistant Responsibility for Offender Health, NHS Midlands and East

“Adelina’s approach to presentations has given me real food for thought - the handout is clear and clarifies the information received over the day. I especially liked the ‘Speaker Checklist’ having used it both when listening to other speakers and as a personal feedback tool. “
Karen Whent - Practice Education Facilitator at Essex County Workforce Group, NHS Midlands and East

“I really enjoyed this course where I learnt great techniques in a safe, fun environment and left with the knowledge that I now have the ability to deliver a memorable presentation. I feel much more confident about public speaking and am sure that this training will help with everyday meetings and report writing as well as presentations.”
Sarah Welch, Jill Rogers Associates

"Adelina’s course A Presentation to Remember has been a complete eye opener for me! I like her style and speed of passing on information and have come away more confident and with several pieces of knowledge that I will always be aware of in my future presentations. It was an interesting day and I look forward to future training with her!”
Patsy Spears Chair of EMA/SOCA

"Adelina puts you through your paces in a positive and supportive way... and you end up doing things you never thought you would or could do. Challenging but fun! Try it!"
Sue Burke of S. Burke & Associates

"Adelina's presentation training challenged my perceptions of what creating a good presentation is about.
Her key message that you and your story are the centre of the presentation and that PowerPoint can actually distract people from what is being said, really challenged me and helped me re-evaluate what is important to my presentations and training. I highly recommend this course even for those who are seasoned presenters."
Alan Turner, Useful Skills Training and Consultancy

“Adelina’s delivery is lively, thorough and bang up-to-date!”
Moreen Pascal, Manager at Kaleidoscope Enterprise Ltd

"I have been impressed at the effort Adelina Chalmers made with pre and post contact with delegates and sending us photos of the day. Of all the training courses I have attended none have been trying to make it fun and it worked!"
Derek Edwards, Immigration Adviser Southend-on-Sea CAB

"This training course has a fresh and personal approach to giving presentations – a modern twist on storytelling. The course itself was a day
packed with fun, no dull slides in sight! It provided thought provoking and practical advice on how to deliver information to an audience in an effective and entertaining way".
Rosa Juarez, National Management Trainee at Suffolk County Council
‘‘A course and speaker that won’t be forgotten!’’
Gavin Ager, Dental Foundation Department, NHS Midlands and East

Below you will find feedback videos from people who attended our training sessions, you are invited to have a look at these to get a feel of how the training is seen by our attendees (the videos only last between 30 seconds and 90 sec each):

Tracey Burke - CEO at Watford Women's Centre

Aidan McKearney - Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University

Rosa Juarez - National Management Trainee at Suffolk County Council

Chris Nicholl - Head of Marketing and Chair of Committee at Delta-T

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