Testimonials from Academic Clients

What they say ...

"I'm extremely busy, I have no time for training, but wanted to learn how to deliver successful presentations in the quickest possible way. By the end of Adelina's training day I had a new skill, knew exactly how to apply it without needing further reading. I applied her techniques to my lecturing and now students enjoy my sessions as they are far more focussed on them and their abilities."
Dr Theoklis Nikolaidis, Lecturer, Cranfield University

"I now know what content I should cover during my viva presentation and feel much more confident about presenting my research. The best thing about Adelina's technique is that I don't have to memorise anything. Her method uses natural thinking processes in the brain so during the viva presentation I don't have to worry about freezing or forgetting things."
Wilson Vesga Rivera, Researcher in Structural Integrity, Cranfield University

"I applied Adelina's techniques to my lectures and saw an immediate improvement. My students are now engaged throughout and even tell me after each lecture how much they enjoyed my teaching. Who'd have thought that with the right techniques even an abstract subject like Environmental Risk Management can become engaging.  This is the best course I have ever attended at Cranfield University because I realised the benefits immediately. I have used the techniques from this course to present research to Government officials and financial executives - often being thanked for an engaging presentation that wakes up the audience."
Dr George Prpich, Lecturer, School of Energy, Environment and Agrifood (SEEA), Cranfield University

"This course stands out as one of the best I've attended: challenging, engaging and informative. Adelina gave me a demonstration of my own material using her techniques and this brought immediate clarity to preparing my presentations in a way I never had before, even though I am a seasoned speaker. Everyone received personalised attention: one to one sessions but with the advantage of group support and feedback"
Professor Chris Thompson, Head of Engineering Computing Department, Cranfield University

"Adelina's presenting techniques helped me change our organisation's public image within a 20 min talk. After presenting at a science and policy conference, the audience came to speak to me about our policy work which is just what I wanted - for the first time after giving a presentation I was satisfied that I had successfully got across my key messages. It's the best reaction I have ever had after a presentation!"
Ellie Crane, Land Use Policy Officer, RSPB

“100% of our attendees said Adelina met their expectations when she delivered a 2h Espresso Sho(r)t session to our AWISE Group. The ladies said she "was an amazing and an excellent presenter” and they wanted more workshops with her! She was very engaging, entertaining and extremely practical tackling real situations we'd go through."
Asmi Barot, WISE@QMUL Coordinator, Queen Mary University of London

"This was a thought provoking course as it taught me a different concept of presenting than the usual Intro, structure, content, & then conclusion presentation style. It was very practical and the feedback I received during the course was very helpful as I learnt what others understood from my presentations. The course was well thought out and organised."
Jonathan Pelham, Researcher, School Of Applied Sciences, Cranfield University

"Before, people would be checking their phones or not pay attention, now I presented at Airbus and noticed an immediate difference as they stayed engaged throughout. I used to get only one or two questions after my presentations, now the audience was so interested they even kept me for 30min in Q&A and discussion." 
Dr Mudassir Lone, Research Fellow/Lecturer, Cranfield University

"I worked with Adelina to prepare for a very important opportunity to pitch my business in a 2 minute time frame to an audience of over 100 people. Adelina was able to bring a new sense of clarity for my pitch, as the team and I had become a little myopic and we were really struggling with communicating our business model in a succinct and catchy way. She very quickly understood the business model and helped me to formulate a clear structure to present my ideas, she was very good at providing both positive and constructive feedback. Most importantly, she got straight to the key issues and helped me feel more confident about the pitch. Everyone commented on how well I had presented on the day and the fact that it was such a memorable pitch..."
Carol Cheung, EaZiGet Co-Founder, Cambridge Judge Business School

"Adelina gave a wonderful lecture to 35 MBA and MA students who were visiting London from University from Moscow, Russia in June 2013. The three hour session delivered by Adelina focused on Presentation Skills (Making a clear point in meetings), How to Negotiate Successfully and International Cross Cultural Management (How to network in the Western world, including body language). The Russian students (many of whom are managers and directors in Russia) were enthralled and impressed with both the content and the style of Adelina's delivery and the lecture finished with a standing ovation! We will definitely invite Adelina back. Highly recommended." 
Aidan McKearney, Course Leader MA HRM and Senior lecturer at London Metropolitan University

"Adelina's course was very relaxed, with no bullet points and slides. What I really liked about it is that each of us received individual feedback not only from Adelina but also from the other attendees. This gave me insight into my own presentation skills strengths and weaknesses."
Clive Temple, Senior Lecturer, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, Cranfield University

"I attended one of Adelina's "Terrified of Public Speaking" Workshops and I really feel a lot happier and more confident now about public speaking. The feedback she gave me really boosted my confidence: she pointed out things that I was doing naturally which are excellent public speaking tricks that I never knew I was doing. She also pointed out how I could improve by making very small changes - I really loved the personalised feedback she gave to each attendee. I admired the way she created very quickly a ‘safe environment’ that we all needed. I was simply amazed at the huge improvement achieved by each attendee during only a 1.5h session! I definitely feel capable, inspired and less terrified than I did before about public speaking! Thank you for the enlightenment."
Frances Bycroft, Programme Manager, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL)

"Adelina's technique helped me advance our project much quicker than before with companies in the aerospace industry because my presentation was far clearer to them and what they wanted to know. Now I feel much more confident because I know what to say to each type of audience".
Emanuele Pagone, Fellow Researcher, School of Aerospace, Transport and Manufacturing, Cranfield University

"Will your research paper change the world?" was nicely structured, very well organized and a highly interactive workshop. Adelina is an inspirational teacher and makes every effort to get participants involved and excited. She challenged attendees to go beyond their normal routine when presenting scientific results and was eager to come up with helpful solutions for difficult presentation problems. In fact, the thing that I liked most about the day was that Adelina gave very thoughtful and helpful feedback to each attendee. It was also great to see that she put a lot of emphasis on getting participants to practise on the day what she teaches. Overall, a very enjoyable experience which left me with plenty of ideas on how to change my presentation style for future presentations."
Dr. Silke Paulmann, Lecturer & Director of Marketing and External Relations, University of Essex

'The antidote to the usual "x seconds" sales-pitch - a terrifying-sounding prospect in itself - Adelina showed us how we might engage immediately with anyone at the same time as fixing clearly in their minds what we do by asking questions, but the right questions. My biggest problem in networking is remembering what people tell me that they do; now by asking the right questions (not the obvious ones) and enthusing the other person to show me what they are passionate about in their work I can begin to remember all about them and describe it successfully to others.'
Penny Coggill, Computational Biologist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute