How Adelina Works

As an attendee of one of her courses and now a work colleague, I would like to try to put Adelina into words.

She is energetic and driven to deliver practical, easy to remember, 'use now' techniques for everyone in her classroom.  She creates a buzz and enthuses people, but at the same time puts everyone at their ease. You have to work hard, mind you, because she will lead on that score.  She is a fantastic listener and is quick thinking on her feet.  

Her energy isn't saved for the classroom only.  You'll meet her - either online or over the telephone - before your course because she's keen to find out what you want to learn and work on.  Her pre-training interviews enable her to discover your objectives and she'll produce the course agenda to fulfill them.

Adelina can take your jumbled up talk and give it clarity, structure and personality within a matter of minutes. It's a knack she has, a gift that she is generous with and enjoys helping others to improve and be more successful.  She knows you have it in you, she just makes it easy for you to present with confidence and authenticity.  Without exception, she transforms people into confident presenters with her practical, easy to learn and apply techniques.  It's not rocket science.  It's Adelina science.
Tracy Wilkinson, Presenting Good Practice