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How to present without memorising your talk

posted 23 Mar 2015, 02:44 by Unknown user   [ updated 23 Mar 2015, 02:46 ]
When you give a presentation that is in the style of 'tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you have told them', it means that you have to remember a list of abstract things that you want to convey to the audience unless you use PowerPoint as your crutch and write everything down on slides, typically boring everyone to death.

Alternatively, the best thing you can do is to work with what comes naturally to the brain which is to tell a story.  So all the content of your presentation - no matter how technical it is - should be wrapped up in a story about how you came up with it, why it's important and what a difference it makes.  If you really understand these three concepts about the information you are trying to convey, it will come naturally to you.  

Another practical thing that I do, is organise the content in a story structure and then I write this story outright, a couple of times. Then, I try to say it naturally a couple of times.  I don't look at it again.  I don't memorise it.  I just say it outright.  And then I bullet point the key stages that move the story on from one part to the next.

Once you have done that, I guarantee that you won't have to memorise anything.  It will be very clear in your mind what it is you are trying to convey.  And that will come naturally if you have sorted out the story already.  It's because our brains are wired to tell stories and the best thing is - your audience is wired to receive stories and remember them.