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Answer 3 questions to help you decide what to include in your presentation

posted 4 Mar 2015, 09:37 by Unknown user   [ updated 16 Mar 2015, 03:38 by Adelina Chalmers ]
In every training session I hear people saying, "I’ve got so much to say, how could I possibly condense this into a ten minute presentation?"

In reply, I suggest they answer these three important questions:

1. What is it I want to achieve as a result of delivering this presentation?

2. What is it my audience wants to get out of listening to my presentation?

    Who are they and why are they here at this event listening to me rather than being somewhere else doing something fun.

3. What information can I give them to make them do what I want?

If, for example, your audience is made up of academics, they will be interested in the thoroughness of your methods, in how you found out the information and your results.  If you are talking to industry, then they want to know how much money your work can save them.  How much faster is this going to be compared to what is done currently and how easy is it going to be to implement it in their current systems?

Your presentation might have two different audiences – fellow academics and industry, for instance.  Naturally, they won't be interested in the same information.  If they make up the same audience, you have to decide which group you are going to talk to – one or the other.  You can’t speak to both at the same time because you won’t speak effectively to either of them.  You might as well not bother.